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Living Yoga (5 Week Series)

Living Yoga
(5 Week Series)

Last class of the series: February 3!
4:00 PM-5:00 PM
Drop in price $25/class
Preregistration is requested.

This series was developed to help us cultivate Yoga into our daily lives and enhance our spiritual growth. Throughout this series the students will be asked to commit to a 30-day resolution of their choosing. The resolution can range from organizing old paperwork or concentrating on one virtue that you would like to cultivate daily.

During this series we will meet once a week for lessons in pranayama, meditation, and yogic philosophy. Students will receive daily emails with quotes or challenges from Parvati Om and/or Diana Gruhn. Full participation is recommended, but drop-ins are welcome.

This class was inspired by the chapter “The 30 Day Resolution” in the book Beyond The Mat; Don’t Just Do Yoga-Live It by Kali Om. The chapter speaks about the benefits of the 30-day resolution and offers suggestions on ways to enhance your spiritual development. Kali Om reminds us that by completing a 30-day resolution “You will find that you transform yourself little by little. Because that’s what yoga ultimately is: self-transformation, or a slow diminishing of ones lower nature into one’s highest self, or satchidananda (pure existence, consciousness and bliss)”

You can find Beyond the mat; Don’t Just Do Yoga-Live It on Amazon.

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